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A Hopeless Romantic Writes

Dear Heart-breaker,

I know fourteen is not an age to really be in love. When we first got together, I was a fourteen-year-old who was in love with the thought of been in love. The feeling of having a boyfriend just amazed me. And I know it was not very right of me to lead you on like I did. But what can I say? I was not someone who even had experience in that department. Maybe I thought I was really in love and wanted to have a happily ever after fairytale love story which totally turned out to be the exact opposite. Leaving you clueless and heartbroken like I did was really wrong, I get it. But how you moved on was surprisingly unbelievable. You got yourself a girlfriend in no time but then you told me it was not real. You told me you were still in love with me, you just did what you did because you had no other choice.  You wanted me again, but then I was with someone else and you had someone else too. Maybe that is why we burnt the bridge that connected our hearts without any much further discussion.

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When you wanted to patch up all the scattered pieces and re-build the bridge, I was sixteen. You were eighteen and seemed so grown up and mature, no longer the boy who came behind me asking for me love him. Maybe in the two years you learned so much about life and it changed you. I have no idea what really happened. Somehow, because I was really stupid to think this could work out this time, we got back together again. It was never the same. You wanted more out of our relationship and I did not like that. And you seemed to hide more things from me, changing the subject whenever I touched a sensitive subject. Or just totally refusing to talk to me until I’ve forgotten my own questions. I just did not like it at all. You wanted to keep our affair a secret because you believed we didn’t last the last time because our affair was too public. I am not very good at secret keeping department so maybe I let too many friends know about us. Maybe you were correct and maybe that is why we didn’t last this time as well.

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My parents were hard on me too, about our affair. (We our talking here about a culture where parents are against their children having boyfriends until after they are 20 or something close.) They were all about how I had broken their trust on me and during those days just staying in the same room with them was such an uncomfortable thing. But guess they just loved me so much, in a way anyone will never be able to. So, they did forgive me but not completely so I could have all the freedom I had before. Something is better than nothing, right?

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Amidst all this I gave you all my love. It was true and genuine this time. I actually learned how hurtful it was to love someone without feeling loved at all. God knows how many times I regretted letting you go, before. If I wasn’t so stupid that time maybe we still would’ve been together with much more understanding. One day, you did that ignoring-me-‘cause-you-didn’t-want-to-talk-about-it act again. And I couldn’t take it anymore; I was already so much broken. So I said good-bye to us, to our fragile love which would never be the same. I have not heard from you ever since. I still think of you, darling. I still wish we could go into our own world together and love each other not caring about what others say, just like we always have. Loving you was something I grew to love. Every morning I woke up expecting a good-morning text from you but when you just didn’t send me anything I felt so down the whole day. You had no idea about what I was going through and never will.

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Just remember I was playing with fire just to be with you and you threw all my efforts away like trash. No one will ever love you the way I loved you, I just know that. And please don’t do what you did to me to any other girl, ever. It hurts so badly. I can’t help but wonder whether what we had was an unrequited love. Even if it was, I still don’t care. Maybe you did love me for one second, that is all I need. And most of all thank you for making me realize that I can do way better than you and deserve much more than some egoistical jerk like you.

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PS- RIP our love.

A Star With A Humble Heart! :D

Popularity, it might actually corrupt you but not if you be popular in the correct way. I just thought about that after going through some of the YouTube videos of an upcoming( okay, he might already be up :p) artist. And please welcome, ladies and gentleman, the teenage heart-throb, Shawn Mendes.

I really don’t know whether he’ll turn out to be like the rest of the Hollywood celebs as he grow up, but for now he’s the most humble celebrity I’ve ever come across. This Canadian singer came up in his popularity after posting covers of various songs on an app known as ‘vine’. Born on the 08th of August 1998, this star will be celebrating his 19th birthday this year. The role he plays as a songwriter is so amazing. His songs always make you keen in listening to them again and again until you know all the lyrics by-heart ( that is how it is for me). And you’ll never be able to stop by listening just once to any of his songs.He has only released two albums up until now, Handwritten and Illuminate, and both of these albums had seen the light of the US billboard top 200.

He’s such a sweet heart and no wonder he has so many ladies tumbling after him asking for attention. But really he’s so humble that he never bothers stating how many times he had worn a certain t-shirt or jean.( He can’t be lying ’cause after a journey of a very careful stalk I confirmed that myself. I really wears that dark-ash coloured t-shirt and black jeans almost everywhere). He never has appeared anywhere kissing a fellow celebrity which can commonly be seen among most of the teenage-celebrities. Except recently there’s been a picture of his, kissing a fan (I am very disappointed in you, Mr.Mendes).

And the fact that he dearly loves his family should also be noted. The first ever tattoo he got, it’s on his right hand, takes a shape of a guitar in a blurred nature. After his appearance at the Ellen show he revealed the real meaning of his tattoo.

“It’s the woods’ reflection on water and a sound wave connecting to the city, which is Toronto. Actually, the sound wave is my parents and my sister saying ‘I love you.’ So it’s a connection between home, work, and family.”

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Maybe I speak so highly of him because I’m a biggie biggie fan of him and is pretty obsessed with him, but by stopping by,and spending a minute or two listening to his interviews anybody would get that he really is humble. And another thing, he’s also a star who sold out Madison Square Garden at a very short time after gaining popularity and he’s got real talent, not like some other singers who fake it all with various audio effects. Boy, Mendes can sing live without missing a single note! And he doesn’t forget his beloved guitar which stays with him every time he performs alive.

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Anyway time to stop with all my fan girling.:D And anyone who has not checked out this amazing star just yet, make sure you do. If you don’t I promise to murder you in your sleep (just kidding, I’m not that cruel.If anything I’m an innocent little girl who doesn’t even speak a word loud enough for somebody else to hear.Not)

Bye Bye Everyone (I’m kinda hyper right now! Just ignore me) Love you all to Neptune and back.


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Craziness Over-loaded Tharushi….:D



You’ll never get enough of this! #foodie

Spending vacation at home is the most boring thing in the whole wide universe! And I am in that situation these days and I feel like a tree in the dense forest who does nothing but swiftly sway to the occasional wind. Not really, I mean, I’m too chubby to sway to swift winds.:p

So, I’ve been trying to use my time in a more ‘fruitful’ manner.Key word, trying. And I came across this amazing recipe on a magazine and tried it out. And guess what? Nah, you guessed it wrong. I actually managed to get it right!

Image result for wade foodThis is known as ‘Wade’ in my mother tongue which is Sinhala. In case you have not heard of it, it is spoken only in Sri Lanka a tropical island in the Indian ocean. So, back to food! Once I started making this I couldn’t wait until I tasted it and once I tasted one I couldn’t wait until I tasted the next one…and so on it goes. Not that I’ve not eaten I before, but nothing is as fun as making street food at home. Yeah, it’s street food here. Not only the locals but also the loads and loads of foreigners who visit our tiny island, repeatedly fall in love with this ‘wade’.

This is made of ‘parippu’ or ‘dhal’ which is generally how ‘lentils’ are known in our language. I really really fell in love with it (no, it wasn’t love at first sight :p) and wanted to share the recipe with all of my lovely reader…:D

INGREDIENTS– 500g Indian Dhal

I large onion

Garlic (2 cloves)

2 branches of curry leaves

2 tbs ground chilie pieces

Salt to taste

Vegetable oil

Cooking Instructions:

Note: Prepare the dal the night before you plan to cook vada by putting the dal in two separate bowls filled with water and leave it overnight to soften up.

1. Wash the dal and remove the water from the bowl.

2. Remove the curry leaves from the branches and cut them into small pieces. Cut the onion into small pieces as well.

3. Put Indian dal into blender with up to 3 tbsp of water and blend into small pieces.

4. Take the Indian dal out of the blender and put in back in the bowl. Add chili pieces, salt, onion pieces and curry leaves to the Indian dal and mix everything together.

5. Form the mixture into small, 1 inch wide balls and flatten them.

6. Heat about 1/8 of a one-liter bottle of vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry the vada on medium flame until they’re light brown. Flip the vada halfway through to make sure both sides are equally gold brown.

So, that’s how it’s made. (source-

If any of you happen to visit Sri Lanka by any chance don’t ever ever forget to goggle down a tasty ‘wade’. The ideal place in Sri Lanka to savor a wade is the ‘Galle Face Green’. There ‘wade’ is found with a bit of mouth-watering twist. They add shrimps on the top of ‘wade’ and your taste buds will never let you leave after just one.

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For everyone who loves some some tropical island fun.



ME BEFORE YOU:Yet Another Movie That’ll Stay With You Forever

This movie actually made me cry. The clumsy and cheerful Louisa looks after a former banker with loads of money who had being paralyzed after meeting with an accident. It’s actually based on a book. There’s so much to learn from this movie. Jojo Moyes, the author of the book has really done a great job here. The emotionally moving story that goes on will stay with you for a long time after the final titles of the movie roll through.

Me Before You (film).jpg

We are never good of letting go. Specially the people we love. But this story proves that true love is worthy of sacrifice and you have to be strong enough to sacrifice anything for the sake of love. Will, the paralyzed ex-banker does fall for his maid, Lou but we can only say he’s such a strong soul that he doesn’t even once hesitate once. He doesn’t change his decision to end his life. He once says “Do you know something Clark?You are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning”. Will really did not have anything to look forward in life. He didn’t have the ability to live his life the way he wanted to. He was much of an adventurous man who loved to travel the world, we get to know about this from the birthday video Will’s friends had made for him sometime back. No matter how many soothing words surround him, it’ll never be the same for him. He’ll never be the care-free young man that the French girls stared at. And truly what was the purpose of life if you couldn’t control it the way you wanted? I could say that what Will made was the right decision but I won’t. Because that just makes me even sadder.

“You Only Get One Life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible”

Lou on the other hand was the down-right amazing and the sweetest person anyone could ever meet,from her cheerful smile to her strips tights, If anything she gave Will the strength to live life. She learns that you can’t change the people but you can love them. Even during Will’s final moment she goes to visit him not out of pity or the sympathy she had towards him but because she wanted to let him know that she’ll love him no matter what.

Anyway finally I really really would love if you would take some time to watch the movie or even read the book, only if you haven’t. ‘Cause it sure is one of the greatest works of all the time and it’ll sure make you end up drowned in a jar of ice cream to take away your tears.

“Push Yourself, Don’t settle, Just live well. Just live”

-Me Before You, Jojo Moyes-



The Bling Ring:must watch movie!

The movie’s kinda old, I know. 2013, I was only 13 years back then and was never even interested in watching movie. So I am catching up all the time I’ve missed watching as much as movies as I can. I even went as back as 1999 with watching 10 things I hate about you and all…:D

The Bling Ring poster.jpg

Okay, so this movie made me thinking about how much of a great place California is. People there can actually have the time of their lives! From all the great parties to the bright yellow sun, everything there is just so great! For those who don’t know about this movie it is actually based on a true incident. A group of teenagers go on breaking into houses of famous celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. It just doesn’t end with just breaking into houses they even perform acts of burglary. C’mon, who wouldn’t want to take a piece or two home out of the greatest collections of probably only-once-worn clothes. They get hold of money and start shopping at the most expensive shops and enjoy the bliss of the luxury lifestyles they only saw in magazines.

They get caught at the end but still as the movie goes on the watchers do get a chance to feel the pang of jealousy towards the way of living of all the celebs. They earn loads and loads of dollars each and every day, if it weren’t for the CCTV footage they wouldn’t even have noticed their stuff gone. So why press charges against a group of teens who probably didn’t have a proper understanding about the consequences. Having to spend their precious teenage life in jail was not exactly what they must’ve expected right? They just wanted to step into the world of high-life. Burglary is an illegal act, I agree. But giving it a second thought the celebs should have had some mercy, right? Don’t blame me, I’m just a teenager blabbering off my thoughts! If you don’t share the same opinion just ignore me. I’m just stupid, I know….:D

But the movie does make us realize, friends who actually get us into bad stuff are not real friends. They will never stand by you by putting their own lives in harm’s way. They only stay while the fun times last and they’ll be gone in a flash once it’s all over. Anyway, I loved watching this movie and everyone who has not watched it make sure you do!

Download the movie:             movie-free-download-720p-bluray/

Bye for now!



Movie Reviews!

Well, I’ve been up to watching movies the past week and I am so loving it. Having a break from school for like 3 months, I am trying to my very best to help my parents with the internet bill. But trust me, no luck there.

01.10 things I hate about you kinda is in the top of my list right now. Very cheesy, but a girl loves some teenage romance, right? Bianca (the younger sibling) is only allowed to date if Kat (the elder sibling) dates…but that is way better than what my parents expect of me. They do not want me to even look at a guy until I am away in college and we are not even strict Christians! Anyway, anyone who has no watched the 1999 romance comedy sure should give it a shot!

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01.Letters to Juliet, is a the perfect movie to watch with a boyfriend who has much of an ego. ‘Love is something you never should give up on’ that is what Sophie, a secretary of Juliet tells Claire, an aged old lady, to go in search of her long-lost-love. Over-whelming romance through out the movie. And guys, make sure to never let your girl feel that she’s left out while you go behind your own dreams.

Letters to juliet poster.jpg

01.Perks of being a Wallflower, reveals how the scary traumas of your childhood will never leave you. Even if you are a freshman in high school like Charlie, the leading actor of the movie. The movie has something related to abuse, but you can only get an idea about what actually happens if you read the book. The movie only gives a slight hint not an exact idea. A must-watch movie! And potterheads, our beloved Emma Watson plays a main role too!

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01.Love,Rosie….once you start watching this movie, you will never stop until you’ve watched it like for 5 times. Not exactly, ’cause I’m pretty sure everybody is not as crazy as I am. Best friends turn out to be sweethearts in the end. So much drama, marriages, engagements, divorces, babies but at last true love wins. For all who have found that certain-someone who you want to spend the rest of their lives with and for those who hope to find their prince charming someday (like me *wink* *wink*) this is a movie that’ll forever be with you.

Love, Rosie (film) UK poster.jpg

01. Romeo and Juliet….how on earth can I ever forget Shakespeare! This is the most dangerous love story that had ever been told. This really speaks about true love, when I say true I mean it! Only true love will be as sacrificial as the love of Romeo and Juliet ! Although I watched the 2013 version starring Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth, it still is the same romantic tragedy! But I have to really watch the one with Di Caprio, the real hottie! Such a heart-felt movie which will make you cry with no doubt! Only for the light-hearted! 😀

Romeo and Juliet 2013 film.png

Notice how I numbered all the movies No-01, that is because all these 5 movie are so on the top of my list. So, all the teeny girly people out there, lemme know what you think!